Areas of Research

Medicinal herbs, the herbs of life, and traditional herbal medicines, for prevention of disease and longevity are the oldest and most holistic medical system. Traditional medicinal herbs has been a reservoir of powerful…

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On-going research

Medicinal plants are an invaluable source of active ingredients in controlling various pathetic diseases. We are pursuing research on pinnacle properties of various medicinal herbs for diabetic and derma care…

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials were conducted for the validation of the study. DIATEA, our flagship product against diabetes was tested with male swiss albino rats and interesting results were observed in return…

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Research facilities

White Lake Organics research laboratory is equipped with facilities to carry out research on diabetic and derma care products. Microbiology lab is specially designed and the required safety measures has been…

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Research Scientists

Our R&D team is equipped with a set of efficient researchers pursuing focussed research on development of medicinal products. The team includes…

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Research publications

Our R&D team, apart from testing and developing products using herbs, also feels that, there must be validated research findings published in International journals…

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