White Lake Organics Pvt Limited was originated primarily with the motive to serve the human community suffering with life ruining disorder, diabetes and pathetic skin disorder like Psoriasis, but has expanded our horizons across various derma care products. We strive for standards and thrive in it with our every product.

Due to the expensive cost of drugs, emergence of various antibiotic resistant microbes and adverse effects caused by the synthetic molecules, the world has turned its attention towards cheap, safe, biodegradable and renewable sources of medication. The richest sources of medication with such attributes are the medicinal plants.

The current technological era has not only been the hub for various emerging and re-emerging diseases but also the herbal search platform to shoot out various diseases using medicinal herbs. Hence, there has been increased interest and awareness in the use and significance of the medicinal plants.

The proven potential of various medicinal herbs attracted the attention of brilliant research brains across the globe. When diseases go uncontrollable with chemical drugs and makes a chronic show in human health, the green miracle by the medicinal herbs is all set high to make the chronic show a chronicle.

We at White Lake Organics make this happen with magnificence in our product. We offer our customers with natural remedy for their distress with our affordable, all organic, safe, effective, efficient products with no side effects.


We are a front runner in producing affordable all organic diabetic and derma care products.

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with all our products certfied by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Ministry of Family Health and Welfare).

Our products are clinically tested and validated by a team of expert researchers and helps in controlling major diseases.

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