Our motto is to pursue, business as a service and comfort for suffering population. As a result of our service motto, we have secured notable achievements in the form of improved health status in people suffering with diabetes, psoriasis and other dermatological complications.

Diabetes patients with type II diabetes and pre diabetes have been highly benefitted by consuming our DIATEA. Our DIATEA was proved to lower blood sugar level on an average of 40-100 points. We are highly encouraged by the testimonials received from various celebrities of DIATEA across the globe regarding their health status. Our celebrities gladly shared their experiences that, they feel fresh, energetic, better and above all, as normal as non-diabetic population. DIATEA has also been observed to increase the immunity among user celebrities and reverse pre diabetes.

DIATEA was clinically proven to lower blood glucose level and other significant associated parameters in the experiments conducted in our laboratory using swiss albino rats. The health status of user celebrities is the standing proof of the significant activity exhibited by DIATEA in diabetic patients.

In the infantile stage, DIATEA has served and saved the life of more than 500 patients suffering with diabetes. Few testimonials by the celebrities were displayed below,


Derma care products are not an exception in achieving our motto as well. Our psoriasis cream has transformed the distressing pathetic situation of people suffering from psoriasis. We have received increased interesting testimonials from various users of our psoriasis ointment in controlling psoriasis remarkably. Itching sensation puts down the patients in real pathos and makes the condition disgusting. The wonder of our cream is that, it stops the itching sensation in users as well. Our psoriasis cream users were highly satisfied by the control over psoriasis. They were glad to receive our cream repeatedly and to suggest our cream to various people and their associates.

Our Psoriasis cream was clinically tested and proven to stabilize hyper immune response, induction of skin cells apoptosis and anti-angeogenic properties, thereby; it reduced the severity of psoriasis and shrinks skin cell proliferation. It reduced scaling and thickening of skin, controlled itching, redness and swelling. Overall, psoriasis was controlled far well and fetched smiles in the lovely lips of the patients.

Our eczema cream is another break through from our R&D team. Our cream has cured, non-curable chronic eczema in patients. It was clinically proven and tested.

Our under eye lightening serum and under arm lightening serum developed from medicinal herbs have lightened the under eye area suffered with darkness due to stress, aging, over exposure to electronic gadgets and various other factors. Our under arm lightening serum have regained the original colour of the under arm skin, which was lost due to usage of perfumes, deodorants, other chemicals and agglomeration of sweat leading to infection.

When people were disappointed and put down in a stage of no remedy for this, our products were of best remedy for their worries and disappointments.
Our user celebrities’ satisfaction and smiles is all we need and of course, it is our motto and we strive for it and want to thrive in it.


We are a front runner in producing affordable all organic diabetic and derma care products.

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with all our products certfied by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Ministry of Family Health and Welfare).

Our products are clinically tested and validated by a team of expert researchers and helps in controlling major diseases.

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